Saturday, February 11, 2012

noise and chatter

"Essence doesn't mean a little part hidden somewhere in us, the little teeny kernel of essence. Essence means the totality, the whole thing. Essence means the truth of you as opposed to the untruth of you.

"Essence isn't a small thing, essence is an immense thing. The essence of you is everything you ever see, taste, touch, and experience. Everywhere you go, every step you take, every breath you take is actually happening by the essence, of the essence, in the essence, and to the essence. All the rest is noise and chatter." 

~ Adyashanti



ashley said...

I like the new look! Hmmm... but the comments could be prettier.

And I LOVE essence!

christy lee-engel said...

Yes, you are a person of great essence!

Oh, I didn't realize I could customize the comments! Is it clear how to do that?

christy lee-engel said...
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christy lee-engel said...

Interesting - to "Post a Comment" you see a page in the old clunky Blogger design (I don't see how to make it pretty, the way you did on the other one) but when you read already-posted comments on the permalinked page of the post, they appear in the same style as the blog template.

andy said...

I seem to have a lot of noise and chatter at the moment. I'm going to carry that though of essence around with me and see how that changes things :)

And I want to say "welcome back to the blogosphere" but I can hardly say that when I'm barely here myself! ;)

christy lee-engel said...

Hi Andy!

Thank you for your welcome back - you know, since I've been "away" from the blogosphere for a long time, it turns out that in *my* mind (that is, in my memory) you are as inspiring as ever!

ashley said...

Hey sweets. Perhaps you could play around with the comments settings on the dashboard?